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overwatch latency traceroutes northwest arkansas

I'd like to point out the latency issue in hopes that it can be improved. Currently experiencing a "high" 70ms ping while playing Overwatch (newest blizzard game.)  This is the "normal" ping as long as the game has been out. I do not have packet loss, and the ping is very stable. I do not have a throughput concern. I'm not trying to solve an  issue on my end.

Blizzard provides a traceroute tool which can be found here.   (select overwatch in the dropdown)

The test generates a traceroute (and more tests) from two different blizzard servers.  I'll post the lower pinging result.

From (Blizzard/Overwatch) to Me in Fayetteville, AR

 1 (                                            0.769 ms               2.057 ms               2.068 ms
 2 (                                  2.059 ms               2.064 ms               2.063 ms
 3 (                                       3.680 ms               3.689 ms               3.697 ms
 4 (                                            2.063 ms               2.064 ms               3.023 ms  (BLIZZARD)
 5 (                                            2.049 ms               2.050 ms               2.051 ms   (COX?)
 6 (             49.178 ms             49.316 ms             49.314 ms
 7 (            60.260 ms             59.898 ms             59.897 ms
 8 ( 61.465 ms           61.530 ms             61.574 ms
 9 (                                       60.780 ms             60.791 ms             60.791 ms
10 (68.111.117.XX)    68.483 ms             71.767 ms             71.749 ms  (ME, I turned on ping requests)

From 68.111.117.XX (Me/Fayetteville,AR) to (Blizzard/Overwatch)
1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []
2     7 ms     6 ms     8 ms
3     9 ms     9 ms    10 ms []
4    19 ms    19 ms    20 ms
5    66 ms    67 ms    66 ms []
6    71 ms    68 ms    68 ms (COX)
7    68 ms    68 ms    69 ms  (BLIZZARD)
8    70 ms    69 ms    69 ms
9    67 ms    69 ms    68 ms
10  69 ms    69 ms    68 ms

Obviously, first, these two routes do not match, but I do know that does not automatically mean there is an issue. I want to point at hops 4,5,6 in the top route and 5,6,7 in the bottom route. The server belongs to Cox (I assume.) The connection between that server and a blizzard server ( is very good.  The connection between (Cox?) and ( shows where the latency starts.

Similarly, in the bottom traceroute, the apparent latency increase does not occur between the Cox Server ( and the Blizzard server ( but between the two cox servers.

Is there something obviously wrong? Is there anything that Cox and/or Blizzard can do to improve this path? Thank you.

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    This is the 3rd issue I have heard about Blizzards games in ARK on Cox. This is the best data I have seen showing the problem. I would suggest mirroring this thread over on DSLReports and see if you can get a engineer's attention. I would be curious what " langbprj01-ae1" is. I have seen it in other threads causing a problem. Could just be a common name in Cox's naming structure, but might be a hint. 

    PS. If the problem is outside control, you can try to work around it with a VPN.  Some manufactures like Asus offer "WTFast" which is VPN client/server that not only allows you a possible better route, but lets you be a possible better route for someone else.