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I really, really hate webmail.  I'm in the process of moving and will need to change everything over to a cox server now.  And I find I dislike the webmail service even more than my old IP.

I'm trying to set up Outlook  2016 so that I can download my email and set up folder etc, like I use to be able to with the MS free mail client.  I've done this before,  I've had a Cox account before.  It shouldn't be hard and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I've tried setting the account up using IMAP  and Using P, check the SSL box whatever it's called, for accessing with my security,   and I get a failed message when it tries to authenticate.  

 I did receive the test email.... but Outlook appears to not able to connect using IMAP or POP3.

Am I being dense?  Is a now a Cox issue using independent email clients?  What can I do to fix it;.;  Please use plain English and not techie talk.  I understand using computers but get lost with a lot of techie vernacular...



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    Both IMAP and POP3 do work with 3rd party clients.  I access both IMAP & POP3 accounts with Thunderbird on Windows 10, K9 mail on my Android Phone, and the stock email client on my iPad.  All work without issue.

    See here for email servers and ports.  Make sure the ports are correct, use SSL and the user name for both in incoming and outgoing server should be your user name only, without  I can't help with specifics of using Outlook 2016 but these settings work on other clients.

  • Hi LyndaV,

    Thanks for reaching out through the Cox Support Forums! I imagine that switching ISPs and transitioning to a different email address is quite a hassle. You've come to the right place! Allen has provided the link to a support page with a ton of great info. For another helpful article, go to Please let us know if you run into other roadblocks or questions. We're happy to help!