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Outlook Not Pulling In Emails From Web Server

Hello, I have been have trouble with my emails since 07-04-2017.  Outlook has suddenly stopped downloading my emails from Cox.  I called Tier 1 support and they opened a ticket for Tier 2 support.  I contacted Cox the next day and spoke with someone from Tier 2 support and they only suggested change my password, I did that and it did not work.  They bumped up the ticket to the next level, I have not hear back from anyone.

This is getting very frustrating, I can view the emails at, I can also create an test email from Outlook and it sends the email, but cannot down load it.

Can anyone contact me at home to help me, I am pulling my hair out over this, and I am balding already.


Anthony Ptak

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    You might consider removing the Cox account from Outlook on your computer, closing Outlook, rebooting the computer, restarting Outlook then adding the account back in Outlook on your computer.