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Outlook no longer pulling my email

For about a month now, my Win 10 PC Outlook will not pull my cox email.  I get it without issues on my Android smartphone and online.  All IMAP settings are correct.  Can you provide some guidance on how to resolve? The last discussion resolution involved a change made on Cox's end.  I tried to chat online, but it was not a positive experience.

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    I tested the connection settings, and even received two emails regarding successful test.  However, they came to my Android and my web mail,not my Outlook email, which says my last email received was 03/16/17.  There is no error message.  After sending some test messages, it looks like my cox email was being routed to another email's inbox.  Thanks for your help!

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    Hi GooseSW,

    Just to clarify your last response, are you saying that the emails are coming in Outlook but just getting routed to another inbox within your Outlook?  If that's the case, please check your Outlook settings for that email account so that it routes to the correct inbox.  Let us know if you need further assistance.

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    I'm having a similar problem with Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus. The Outlook says that it's preparing to send/receive, then sits there and does nothing. It stopped working last Friday, Apr 21st.

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    Are you able to log into your webmail account? If so, are the emails there?