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Outlook keeps prompting to "Enter Network Password" when all passwords are in order.

I had posted about this exactly 2 years ago. Something was done on your end, and everything was good up until a few days ago. Now, all at a sudden, I am once again getting the "Enter Network Password" pop-up every time Outlook tries to retrieve mail from my Cox accounts. This does not happen with my gmail account (set up in Outlook all the same), but it happens on my other devices too (iPhone and iPad), with my Cox accounts --it is therefore a Cox issue (not a device issue). Once again, I am really fed up with this --it seems that I spend most of my time clicking on pop-up after pop-up...Please do not ask me to change my passwords: did so in the past when I had this same issue but it truly didn't help.

I have had cox for the last 14 years at my current address, and this happened for over 6 months 2 years ago. Then you guys did something, and the problem disappeared. Now, about a week ago, it started again. Can the issue please be addressed again?

I am, once again seriously tempted to move to a different Internet service provider (something I'd rather not do). I just cannot spend most of my time clicking on these annoying pop-ups!

Could you please review my account, see what was done in June 2015 to fix this very same issue, and implement it once again? Thank you!

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    Hi ILC,

    Does the "Enter Network Password" pop up go away after you type in your password?  We can review your account.  Could you send us an email to with your name, street address, a link to this post?  Thanks.

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    I rarely had this problem but for the past week or so increasing! Today it asked more than a dozen times. Not anissue with my Exchange account, just Cox. Getting really annoying!