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Outlook email - Change from IMAP to POP

Is it possible to change from IMAP to POP in Outlook 2016 ? I want my messages stored locally on my machine, and deleted from the Cox server after downloading to my PC. Outlook's automatic account setup defaults to IMAP, and I can't find a way around it.

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    I don't believe you can switch an existing account setup from one to the other, it must be setup as POP or IMAP from the start. You have to delete the IMAP account and manually setup the POP3 account in Outlook. You want to bypass any auto config (you may have to enter bad data, like as the domain, to force auto config to fail) and manually configure server settings and other server types to select POP3. See here for server names and settings.

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    Just setup you account in Outlook as Incoming to and outgoing to