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Outlook / Cox Email Connection

Recently, every time Outlook does a send/receive of my email, it puts up a popup message requesting user name and password.  Says it can't validate my information on the cox server.  Even though this information is stored, and even when I check the box telling it to store the information, it continues to put up this annoying popup.   

I can log into webmail without issues and I can "repair" the account in outlook via the accounts and everything works fine (although outlook says Cox server has not encrypted connection, so it has to establish via unencrypted means)...I even get me test page sent to me.  Then randomly, the messages begin to pop up again.  

Running windows 10 & Office 2013 on the same PC for several years now with no issues.  This is irritating.

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    A known issues technicians are working towards a resolution no ETR the workaround is to use webmail we apologize and thanks for your patience.