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Outgoing SMTP Issues Suddenly occurring

Suddenly today, I was unable to send any email from my laptop, home PC, or Android phone. I can receive email though, just not send. I have made no changes on any device. I have tried on Windows 10, Office 2016 and the latest Android release. When I hit Test email connection in Outlook setup, I can see it successfully logs into the IMAP server, but fails on the send test email step. The error states ... Your Outgoing SMTP e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, please contact your server administrator or the internet service provider (ISP) The server responded cox rejected - Please note the server name #'s change. In the above it says 201 but I have seen 110, 109, 305, etc. The IP always appears to stay the same. This is obviously an SMTP server issue of some kind. Just keeps rejecting my credentials which must be correct if I am able to log into Webmail and log into the IMAP server on my Outlook client. I spoke to a rep...and verified my IMAP and SMTP settings are correct, I am pointed tot he right servers and ports per the documentation. I have deleted and even tried to setup the email from scratch and still get the same issue. My issues is this is happening on 3 different devices and for 3 different email accounts...happened suddenly with NO client changes. My gut and exp is telling me something changed on the Cox end...but nobody seems to know what it is...could this be related to flooding issues in Louisiana and maybe how their IDM access is flowed? Anybody else have this problem? Help

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    For starters, are you able to send via our webmail? If that works I suggest removing and re-adding your client device SMTP setting as per the following article and see if that works: