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Outgoing e-mail doesn't get delivered

I've been having this problem for several weeks.  Most of my out going e-mails from my account go through, no problem.  Some of my outgoing e-mails from my address do not get delivered and I do not receive any notification that it has not been delivered.  It seems that everyone with a verizon address is in this category.  Other messages I send from my account bounce and I get something like 'undelivered due to spam filter'.  One in particular has an address.  I have even tried sending a blank message and I get the same 'spam filter' message.   In all cases, I can send these people e-mails from my google account and they go through, no problems.  So I am sure I am using their correct addresses.  I do send out a lot of e-mails every month so I was wondering if I got placed on some sort of 'this gut is a spammer' list.  If so, how do I get off the list?

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  • ChucktheBridgeGuy,

    Based on your forum's sign in credentials, I checked your IP at and your IP not listed there.

    Are the bounce back messages you get coming from Cox or the provider you're sending to? The email message will usually provide some direction on how to resolve the issue.

  • ColleenD

    The messages that essentially say 'my message did not pass the spam filter' come from the e-mail provider where I am sending the message.  One specific case: optonline.  Interestingly enough, the message says I should contact MY provider ( if I think the message is in error.  But the message was rejected by optonline's spam filter!  Even a blank e-mail gets rejected by optonline's spam filter!