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Outage... and creative ETA for fix

Okay, outages happen.  I get that.  But, when the "estimated time to fix" is pushed back multiple times, each time another three hours, multiple times, makes you wonder who is fixing the problem and how?  Is it Inspector Gadget doing trial and error?   ETA of Noon, became three, became six pm, became nine pm.  Serious? Thanks for a semi wasted day off (only one this week due to work demands). Glad that I dont have a business dependent on the internet. 

And, was this an outage, or a 'maintenance fix gone wrong' ?  If the later, do those later in the day (evening or overnight). Your technicians will be happy as its 110 or so in the desert ! Your customers will be happy as there is little interruption in their usage (as they are asleep for the most part)

PS. On another note, tried to email Cox for this.  But, apparently there is no email in the "contact us" link.  Guess they cant be bothered.

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    Hello Cidron,

    I'm sorry the service is not working. Let me check into this outage for you. Please email your full name, address, and this forum thread. Once received we will reply back. Thanks