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Out of country

Once again I leave the country and I am no longer able to send e-mail through my iPad. I have to go through webmail, which will not even connect most of the time when out of the country. I get "connection lost" a dozen or so times before it will finally connect. 

I do receive e-mail on my iPad. When I send e-mail through my iPad, it will act as if the mail was sent. I don't get a delivery failure notification. However, nobody ever receives anything I send. Last time I came back from the U.K. and called Cox about this, the tech support person suggested I was blocking people from receiving my messages (huh?). He then had me change a couple of e-mail client settings and assured me this would fix any problems. WRONG.

Changing my service provider would be a pain in the rear for me, but I am really at the end of the rope with Cox. 

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  • Hi Dan12345,

    What email client are you using on your iPad? Are you using the built-in email client, or a mail app like Outlook? Also, what are your current email server settings?