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OOTP emails are blacklisted on

I am a customer and beta tester for a game/company (Out of the Park Developments) and they recently posted this in their forum:

Unfortunately, email adresses do not receive emails coming from   Our email provider's email server IPs are blacklisted at That happens sometimes in the world wide web and there are standard procedures to get removed from the blacklists. Unfortunately, does not seems to reply to such requests. So please understand that if you send emails to our tech support from your email account, we will see it, but we cannot reply! Please use another email address.

BTW, is there anybody here who could help us with that problem? Any employees here?

Could someone at Cox please look into this issue?

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    Are you looking for only employee help? If so, disregard. 

    I found no blacklists for the domain's MX. Do they send from a different domain or email provider? Is the issue the sender's domain is blacklisted with a vendor or with Cox? What bounce back error are they getting? You can look them up here.

    Checking against 97 known blacklists... 
    Listed 0 times with 2 timeouts 

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    The Domain's public address does not show in any blacklists we are aware of but the outgoing server if it is associated differently may be. Do you happen to know the IP address or outgoing mail server address they use that we can check it?

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    SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host []: 554 cox blocked. Error Code: CXBL - Refer to Error Codes section at
    Cox High Speed Internet: Postmaster
    for more information.

    Thank you!

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    Thats the IP for I would suspect a relay server is going to get blacklisted more often since anyone on the network can send through it, without needing a user/password. They change change how they send email... but thats probably not going to happen. See here why open relay is bad.

    I am not sure if this is what they already said THEY did, but you can try filling out this form. Cox may say the request must come from, but if nothing else, that reply would show you the form is monitored. 

    The problem is it's not just Cox. is black listed with 2 other on MXtoolbox. I doubt Cox is going to unblacklist a known open relay when there are active blacklists open on them. That is asking for trouble.

    Backscatterer - Blacklisted  24.06.2016 11:43 CEST 

    LashBack - is listed in UBL.