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ONT negotiating only 100Mbps with router

Has this happened to anyone else using GigaBlast? Every now and then, I notice my network is slow and when I check the router, my Alcatel-Lucent ONT has switched to only a 100Mbps connection to the router (RT-AC68U). Most times I can reboot the router and it will come back at 1000Mbps. Twice now, no matter what I do, (reboot, reboot the ONT, swap routers), it will only negotiate 100Mbps. The last time this happened one of the techs at Cox tried sending a reset to the ONT and bricked it. My Internet was down for 2 days until they rolled a truck with a replacement. Ugh! It's happened again today and I can't get a 1000Mbps link. I placed a service call for a replacement ONT. Seems like these ONTs just freak out sometimes and won't negotiate 1000Mbps. Just curious if anyone else is having this issue. Thanks, Dave

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    I'm not aware of any known issues to this effect. In addition to trying different devices I'd suggest swapping cables and making sure you're using a CAT6 cable for best results.