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Onscreen caller ID not working

I posted about this a few times on the TV forum, but get no help.  I have the newer Contour 2 tv receiver.  The onscreen caller ID is not working.  Notifications are turned on.

Between no caller ID, and the lack of support for blocking robocalls, I am seriously doubting the worth of having cox telephone service.  I am going to look for alternatives if these issues cannot be resolved.

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  • Hey Old Jedi, 

    We can take a look at your account. Please send an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name, address with your 4 digit Pin number so we can take a look. Please also include a link to this forum. 

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    I too have the same problem with caller ID not working. Can you help
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    Hi Hitch,

    We'd like to assist. Please send the team an email to with the account details as well as a link to this post.

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    Same issue except I do not have the package to have the caller id to be shown on the tv but have lost the caller id on my phone. Just says incoming call. Unable to screen. Very frustrating given the number and frequency of telemarketing calls I get on the COX phone number.
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    I have gone through all of the help options and On screen caller id has not worked since day 1. CONTOUR 2 receivers. Also apparently the number they gave me is on "Every" calling list available, Ive submitted to the national do not call and STILL receiving robocalls and soliciting calls. 

    1. Need On Screen Caller Id working

    2. Need to find out how to change number to a non listed number.

    Thank you,


  • Hi reedpaul,

    We'd be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns; however, we will need some additional information in order to do so. Please email our team at Be sure to include this post, your full name, complete service address, and the issue you’re experiencing.

  • Hello MDurie,

    Thanks for letting us know you're having troubles with the Caller ID Banner not appearing on the TV screen when you receive calls. We can review this trouble, and that of your request to change to a non-listed number. Please email our support at with your address, name, and Cox PIN. In your email, please include a link to this forums page, or the 2 troubles you've shared here on our forums.

    Thank you Mike,

  • Hello Denny G,

    This feature should be working with the Contour 2 receivers. Was this working at one point? We need to review your account to see where we are at with a solution. Anyone experiencing troubles with this feature please contact Cox, or email us at with your address, name, and we can continue to investigate this trouble.


  • I have 3 contour 1 boxes and the caller ID is not working on any of them. Also, I am not getting the transcribed Email messages from my voice mail. Any assistance would be appreciated! Jay.