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Only power-cycle TV and box with single button.

Friend of mine has an issue with her setup.  She says it used to turn on / off both the TV and box with one button push, but now she has to press TV/Power then Cable/Power to turn both on and then off.

The three-second power hold method works, but it also turns on a DVD player she has.  I think the player will turn itself off after some time of inactivity, so using the power off all method will probably turn the player back on when turning the TV and box off.  It's also pointless and wasteful to turn on an unneeded device.

I can't find a way to set the remote / box to just power-on only the TV and box for watching TV and then back off with one button push.

The box is a Cisco 4742HDC, the remote is a URC-8820-MOTO.  If it matters, the TV is a Panasonic TC-L37U3 connected to the box via HDMI.  I've gone thru the remote setup several times and it controls everything fine; it's just this power control issue.

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  • Hi, the remote will turn on/off all devices that are setup to be controlled by the remote. So, if you hold the button long enough while aiming it at the devices it will eventually turn off the DVD player. If you release the button quickly then everything will be off. If you hold it down longer it will turn the TV and cable box back on and repeat the cycle.