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Online phone tools don't work

I tried to use the phone tools online and when I try to forward my home phone to my cell phone, it not only doesn't work, it turns off everything else I have turned on. I.e. Voicemail

yes, my computer/tablet/smartphone/other people's computers are up to date.

yes, I have tried 4 different browsers on as many computers.

yes, I have experience with computers as I am an I.T. Professionall.

yes, I was forced to use the DTMF pad to do it manually and it took me 10 tries to find out how.

your website does not work well and for the money I pay and length of time I have paid cox this should not be an issue.

this is not the first time this problem has occurred.

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    Please visit this site for information on our Call Forwarding Feature:   

    We look forward to your feedback!