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Ongoing issues with Cox Communications--Billing, Service, Promises, Lies

Service was initiated at our residence in April with the original package ordered only including internet.  Bundle package was upsold and a reasonable price was promised at around $120.  When billing was received, the total was over $200.  Also the internet was awfully slow ranging from less than 1mbps to 25mbps download during most of the day.  In June the package was changed to internet only due to the initial lies about the cost of the bundle that included internet and phone.  Internet was still over $100 per month.  Multiple techs have come out and none can figure out why the internet speeds fluctuate wildly minute to minute.  The internet package was listed at 150mbps and was almost never at the speed.  We found an ad online for $79.99 for 300mbps and asked for it but cox said no, so we had new service initiated in order to receive the better price.  When the the tech arrived, we told him about all of the issues.  He stated that there was no need to initiate new service.  He told us that Cox loyalty department will honor the price if we insist.  We called Cox loyalty department and they said that a request was put in for us.  The tech could not fix the issues with speed fluctuating, but we did get some faster upload speeds that seemed to be ok.  This didn't help us for streaming or anything else.  He kept doing speediest and showing that it was running at 300mbps.  I told him to check again and he gets 10mbps.  This went on and on.  Speeds would get faster and slow down to nothing completely at random and sometimes hitting 300mbps, but would never hold consistent.  We weren't satisfied with the visit, but at least we were only paying 79.99 after buying all the new equipment.  Then, we went online to pay our bill to find out the we are paying 99.99 and they charged us a $75 fee for sending a tech to fix our slow internet that was NEVER fixed.  First off, we were never told that there was a charge for the tech to come out.  Second, he didn't fix anything.  Third, he told us that the loyalty department would fix our issue monthly charge.  NONE of this was taken care of.  The internet is still slow.  We owe $228 after being totally paid up 36 days prior.  Where did these charges come from?  75 for the tech and 99.99 for the internet.  I called immediately after seeing the and spoke to a rep that told me that he could reverse the charge for the tech, but can't do anything about the monthly price.  He stated the request was denied by "The Back Office" and I was not allowed to speak with anyone there.  He also stated that he is a low level rep and there is no one in the loyalty department until Tuesday.  Cox Communications has lied to us multiple times throughout the fiasco of a so called service.  We are ready to switch to Century Link because we would rather have slower speeds that remain the same or close to it throughout the day instead of speeds of less than 1 mbps when we pay for 300mbps.  We are researching the class action lawsuits against Cox Communications in regard to misrepresentation, poor service without any type of refund, and representative lying to the customer.  This company is the worst we have ever dealt with and this is the first time I have ever written a negative review about a company.  I have only written positive reviews until today.

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    Thank you for contacting the Social Media Team. I'm truly sorry to hear about your experience. We can help with service and account issues. We don't suggest posting personal information in a public forum. Please email us at with the account details and a link to this post to review.