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Ongoing issue for months. On and off packet loss and high pings, slow internet

For the last few days packet loss on my internet has been very bad. It actually has been happening for months, but it comes and goes.

Tech's have been out here multiple times. They never find a problem at the house and it never gets fixed because it is always further down the line somewhere. A tech makes a call or a trouble ticket for a line tech and that is the last I hear of it until I complain again a few weeks later where the same process repeats.

I can tell you that the current issues are happening inside the cox network. The packet loss is happening somewhere in one of these 3 hops that all of my internet packets go through before they leave the cox network. [] [] []

If I run a traceroute from an external non cox network to one of those 3 addresses, they are always very low pings in the 5-10ms until they hit the cox address where the latency jumps to 50-100ms+ or they don't even return a reply

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    Could you post a few complete trace routes so we may take a look. Note we need to see complete results from start to finish to understand what is actually happening.