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One America News Network

I am requesting that the One America News Network be added to the Cox TV program lineup. I have read that this program has been added to Direct TV for viewing. I left Direct TV because they didn't offer PAC 12 sports. I love Contour on Cox but would love it even more if Cox would add One America News.   

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  • Good Morning news hound,

    Thank you for your message on our Cox Forums. Cox strives to provide a wide variety of cable programming while trying to keep rates as low as possible. We continually evaluate new networks to determine if they would add value to our customers based on cost and bandwidth.

    On your behalf, I submitted a channel request. Weather or not the channel is considered to be included in the Cox TV Lineup can depend on the demand for this channel in your area. Thank you for your suggestion.

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    I add my support to this request!  We need to be able to see One America News Network.  I also left DirectTV because of their high cost and lack of variety.  PLEASE add OAN as soon as possible!!!

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    Hi Lwg,

    Please send us an email to with your street address and full name so we can submit a channel request on your behalf.  Thanks!

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    Hi Tired of supporting CNN,

    We have already submitted a request for this station. Thank you for your feedback.

  • I went to and got an error message. I too would like to see One American News Network. Cox's concern about bandwidth is ridiculous. I can run through channel after channel that I doubt more than 10 people watch. *** CNN is one of them. Don't blame bandwidth. Thanks
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    Hi dispersion shifted,

    Please send us an email to with your full name and street address so we can submit a channel request on your behalf.  Thanks!

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    Please ignore these requests for OAN. One America Network is a propaganda network out of San Diego that doesn't have real news, only propaganda. Don't waste the bandwidth.

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    Yes! We would love to have this channel.  Fair balanced news, unlike every other news station.