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Here is a classic example why Cox's OnDemand service doesn't work very well. I was watching FX Taboo HD 103 last night. Was actually surprised that it was there since it only aired on Tuesday and it seems Cox still can't get new episodes of shows out in a timely manner. About 3/4 into the show I paused it. After returning several minutes later and pressing play to resume I received that dreaded error message which says something about we cannot access this show. What? I had to exit all the way out and when I went back in to the OnDemand schedule to finish watching the episode it wasn't even there! WHAT? I was just watching it and it completely disappeared. Since you can't fast forward thru the show, whenever it does return, I will need to watch through the whole thing again. Not cool Cox.

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    I apologize for the delay. I'm showing the title available at this time. Are you still missing the episode?