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OnDemand Problem: system stops and erros out

When watching OnDemand television, the system will suddenly pause in the middle of a show. It will then, resume after a few moments, remain paused indefinitely, error out and resume normal live television. There is no predicting this and the system does not recall that I have watched any of the show I was watching (i.e., cannot resume from where I was interrupted).

Is this a specific issue to me - Cox - or something else?  I have the COntour HD Box. I have a 1,000 MB connection.


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    I have run into this also. I set a recording and it stops after part of the show. I watch something On Demand and it suddently stops and goes back to TV or it puts up a 1/2 second commercial saying "TNT APP" and returns to playing the show.. Voice and lips aren't sync'd for On Demand. I set shows up to record, but they don't record. I press the record button to record the News, a green light shows on the receiver, yet nothing happens and nothing is recorded. We used to have Dish but my housemate wanted to switch to Cox. I have been sorry ever since. Among other things, DIsh allows you to transfer movies and recordings from your receiver to your cell phone. Cox doesn't.
  • Hi u17rxb,

    What you have described could indicate a signal issue to the cable receiver. Make sure all of the connections to the cable box are finger-tight. Are there any splitters on the line that connects the cable box to the coax outlet?

  • Hi kb1,

    I was able to run a quick test on your host and client receivers, and the metrics are not where we'd like them to be. I believe your symptoms also indicate a signal issue, and I suggest we schedule a service call so an on-site technician can resolve this for you. To schedule a service call, you can call Technical Support or email my team at Please be sure to include your full name, address, and a link to this thread in your email.