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On Demand

Last week shows channel 6 is not showing on Demand. I have been searching On demand for two weeks and there are at least 4 different shows that is not showing. ie: How to get away with Murder, Notorious, Conviction, and Designated survior.  

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    In which city do you live? What type of receiver do you have?

  • Hi Deann and Sheba,

    I'm sorry about the delay in loading new On Demand episodes of ABC and NBC shows. Our video team is working hard to catch up!

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    Becky K - they need to work faster. I wanted to catch up on Quantico and the 10/30 and 11/6 episodes have been missing for way over a week. I now see the 11/13 episode is available, but it's no fun watching the latest episode without having seen the previous ones.