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On Demand

This is now the 4th time I've addressed this question on line and have yet to receive an answer. I specifically added the USA channel to the basic line up and upgraded to the next level and am added the Contour box for another $8.50 a month just so I could watch OnDemand and when attempting to view the shows that I want to watch, the screen show "a subscription to a premioum package is required in order to watch this program". This is not what I was told and DO NOT want additional channels and it is a complete scam to require a customer who pays for a channel and the Contour box to not allow them to view the channel that is already paid for. I would expect a response to this question within a reasonable amount of time, however, with the past history of COX returning any type of answer or solution, I won't hold my breath. I will be eliminating the bulk of my whole subscription due to the lack of communication and when upgrading to the next level of service, I have all three services, and now the "bundle discount" has been removed as well. I've been a COX customer for years and have been patient and loyal to the services that I've had but regardless of the reasons for it, COX is unresponsive to it's long term customers and bends over backwards to get the "new" customers to join and give them all the benefits that should be passed along to the long term customers. I WILL be looking into a different provider. I know that I'm only one person in your millions of customers and it won't even matter to you, but it's attitudes like that that makes big companies the worst to deal with. I'd rather pay twice the price to small company who appreciates me as a customer than pay one more dime to a greedy company who cares nothing about customers and all about making MONEY. 

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    This is your 2nd thread on this subject, not the 4th.  A Cox Mod responded to your first post (4 days ago) saying it sounds like you subscribe to the Economy package which only includes on demand access to the major OTA networks.  She asked you to contact them if you subscribe to a package which includes on demand access .... did you?  This was a nice rant but don't think it will help as this is a customer to customer forum for technical issues.  Do you have a technical issue or just a misunderstanding of what is available with your package?

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    Mr/Mrs Irate,

    Apparently you missed it the first time, so here is a copy/paste of what was already told to you in your first thread:

    Posted by ColleenD
    6 Jul 2016 8:20 AM

    "I'd like to help, What changes did you make to your TV subscription? What you're describing sounds a lot like the TV Economy package, which includes On Demand access to the following networks: ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and Fox.

    Your monthly statement will list the TV package you're subscribed to. If you're not subscribed to the TV Economy package please email with your full name, the account holder's full name if different from yours, you complete street address, a reference to this post and the last 4 of the account holder's Social."

  • Thanks for your email! You subscribe to the Cox TV Economy package. TV Economy includes the USA Network in the channel lineup, but does not include USA Network On DEMAND. TV Economy only provides On DEMAND access to ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and Fox. I truly apologize if this was not thoroughly explained when you ordered your video services. I’ll provide a few more details about your account via email.