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I was watching a few different shows on OnDemand. I went back to watch them this weekend and they are all gone. They are shows that just started airing. They aired during the week and then I watch them a day or two later so I know they haven't expired. The titles of the show are even gone like they never existed on OnDemand.

Blacklist has never showed up on OnDemand like last season.

The second season of Colony started. It airs on Thursday nights. I go to watch in Saturday the title of the show is completely gone. Not even the last couple of shows are there.

I notice they add season one of Expanse to the Syfy list a couple of weeks ago. It said it expired in August 2017. I thought great I start watching them this weekend. Now there's no shows there. Not even season two, which just started airing.

What going on? Is Cox no longer providing shows in anymore?  Are they cutting back? Quite disappointing.

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  • Hi MZM,

    The Networks decide On Demand series availability and expiration dates. I believe your cable receiver may have gotten out of sync with the On Demand library. I was able to confirm that Colony episodes 202 through 206 are available, and both season 1 and 2 of The Expanse are available.

    Unplug the power from your cable box for 2 minutes, and then plug it back in. Give the cable box time to go through its reboot process. Rather than navigating the On Demand Menu, it is sometimes easiest to locate specific On Demand content using the Search feature. Press the Guide button on your remote control, and then press the A button. Use the arrow keys and the Select button to type in the name of the show. Matching titles will be displayed on the right of the screen. Use the right arrow key to access the Search results. Does this help?