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On demand series episode offerings.

I just became aware that the second season of a series that I was interested in viewing - The Expanse - had recently premiered and had the episodes that had been aired live available on demand.  I had lost track due to the long delay between seasons and was now excited to resume watching  a series based on novels that I had read.  Accessing the series on demand, I found that episodes 2 through 6 were available but episode 1, the series premier was nowhere to be found.  My question is:

Why in Gods name are not all of the episodes listed and can I access the first one in any way?

 This is just another irritation in a long line of frustrations in the design and operation of this service and is actually motivating me to start searching other options that I can subscribe to online that will meet my needs so that I can cancel this service and save a not insignificant amount of money each month.

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    shrike, I do understand your frustrations and we want you to be able to enjoy your services! We definitely do not want to see you go, you are a very valued customer to us. Is episode 1 of this series missing on all boxes or just one? Thank you.