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On Demand programs and channels

I've had a problem with the OnDemand features since I changed my TV account and added the Contour box. I can watch OnDemand with the basic local channels, but when attempting to watch such channels as USA, which I am a subscriber to, it only posts a message "A subscription to a premium package is required in order to watch this program. What am I paying for the extra channels for if I cannot access them OnDemand?????

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  • Moving a phone from room to room,

    I'd like to help, What changes did you make to your TV subscription? What you're describing sounds a lot like the TV Economy package, which includes On Demand access to the following networks: ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and Fox.

    Your monthly statement will list the TV package you're subscribed to. If you're not subscribed to the TV Economy package please email with your full name, the account holder's full name if different from yours, you complete street address, a reference to this post and the last 4 of the account holder's Social.