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On Demand Goes to PIP and Have to Unplug Box to Exit the "Stuck" PIP

It's been happening sporadically many times over the past few months.  Will be watching on demand and then end and exit to live tv and then the on demand show is still playing PIP and it will NOT go away - turn off receiver and back on and back to on demand and back to live tv nothing works except for unplugging and resetting and its soooo frustrating. Just had to do it twice within the last hour and now it screwed up my recordings because I had to unplug it!!

Also FYI - My Caller ID hasn't worked on the TV for an entire year - I have Cox Digital phone with modem and I've called multiple times and they bounce me around to a bunch of different helpers and then say oh we have to send this to Atlanta cause they can't fix it and they tell me "you'll get a call or it will be fixed" - which has not happened.

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    Happens to me too on Cox 6 channel Contour DVR receiver.

    Go to on demand and pick a show.  Selection appears in the pip window and won't move or turn off unless whole cable box is unplugged and rebooted.  My TV does NOT have PIP and therefore this issue is related to the Cox cable box.

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    TRR and StanH1000,

    What type of receiver do you have? Are you having the PIP issue on all receivers?

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    contour record 6 DVR - yes on the satellite boxes too - its the software not the hardware, I believe

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    The Contour DVR 6 channel cable box is what we have.

    I should add that if you wait an hour or more for the on demand show in the small window to finish, the small window will close.  But in the meantime you are stuck with that small window whether you go to regular cable TV or leave it on the blue on demand menu in the large window.  Re booting the cable box at least resets everything but must be careful that box isn't recording another show at that time.  After all, it is a record six DVR.

  • Hi StanH1000 and TRR,

    What are the brand name and model numbers of your televisions? We've received reports about the picture-in-picture (PIP) issue before, and I'm wondering if there is a trend for a specific model television. None of Cox receivers support picture-in-picture at this time.

    The PIP behavior can also be a symptom of a failing or defective DVR hard drive. If you haven't had a service call lately, it might not be a bad idea to schedule one. We can also swap your DVR at a Cox Solutions Store, or we can mail you a replacement DVR and a return label. The list of Cox Solutions Stores can be found at

  • @TRR: Please email my team at so we can investigate your TV Caller ID issue. Be sure to include your full name, address, a link to this page, and the best phone number where you can be reached.

  • I have had this happen a few times first with a Sony and now with a lg. It tell me that Cox should be able to support PIP since we find it by accident
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    "Will be watching on demand and then end and exit to live tv and then the on demand show is still playing PIP and it will NOT go away "

    I think thats the key point; On demand. The On demand menu works by having each menu broadcast on a different channel. Channel 1 is special because it is the on demand guide, which beside the On Demand menu also show the message "Press Select to access On Demand" on a banner on the bottom and side. Sometimes, when exiting On Demand, the box won't load the banner, causing a black bar to load on the bottom and side of the screen, but still showing the On Demand menu in the middle. This makes it LOOK like On Demand is in a PIP window, but it's actually just broken. This used to happen on even the non DVR's, where PIP would be impossible. Usually pressing the "Last" button on the remote and then changing the channel fixes the issue.

  • Thanks for your input, Tecknowhelp! I think you may be on to something.

    StanH1000, TRR, and Bob Rutkowski, the next time you exit On Demand and still have what looks like a PIP window on the screen, press the "Last" button on your remote control. What happens?