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On Demand Episodes

I have recently noticed you no longer can watch past episodes of a show. They now have dates they will air, when before you could just binge watch any series. If you record them you can binge watch, some shows you can, but a lot have changed to air dates. This was one of the features Cox gave you when you joined Contour.

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  • Hi Walk in the sun,

    Broadcast rights govern the distribution of copyrighted content. Since the broadcast networks own the content in our On DEMAND library, they can dictate what we are allowed to offer and how we are allowed to offer it.

    An air date is when the show is aired on live TV. Most TV shows in our On DEMAND library include the air date in the episode description.

    Some broadcast networks allow us to offer multiple episodes of the current season of a TV show, as well as past seasons of the show, in our On DEMAND library. Other networks only allow us to include the two or three most recent episodes.

    For example, "This Is Us" just began its second season. Season 2, episode 3 airs tomorrow, October 10, 2017. Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2 are available On DEMAND. All 18 episodes of Season 1 are also available On DEMAND. In contrast, only 2 of last season’s episodes of “NCIS” are available On DEMAND. Due to agreements with our content partners, some series do come in and out of availability.