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On Demand Cartoon Network Missing Episode Pokemon XYZ

There is an episode of Pokémon XYZ that has never been updated and listed on to the On Demand Channel Service. The episode on Pokémon XYZ  is #39 titled "A Towering Takeover!". All the follow-on episodes were updated and are listed but Ep. #39 of Pokémon XYZ  has never been listed for viewing. I have emailed to Cartoon Network about this issue. I did contact Cox a week or so ago about this issue and nothing has happened! Please get this episode of Pokemon XYZ listed for viewing on On Demand Cartoon Network.

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  • Hi Gymanime,

    You are absolutely correct. It looks like we may have never received channel 39 from the network, so I've submitted a request to our content team. We'll get episode 39 added to On Demand as soon as we can!

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    Hi Gymanime,

    We've been advised that episode # 39 is now available. Please let us know if you have any additional concerns. 

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    If only that worked for Pokemon Go servers. #Gottawatchthemall