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On Demand App not showing up Tivo Bolt

Hello, I have had my Bolt for several months and I have never been able to get the On Demand App show up as a selectable option.  I have been on the phone several times with Cox and Tivo support, neither one has been able to solve the problem.  I have run through all the troubleshooting steps many many times.  Then I stumbled upon this posting.

Could someone on the Cox support team check my cable card and my tuning adapter for the same flags?  I assume that is my problem.

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  • Hi Jasong,

    I'm really glad that you reached out to us! Your account was missing the code required for the Cox On DEMAND for TiVo launchpoint. I'm sorry about that! Now that I've added it, please manually initiate a connection to the TiVo service so the launchpoint will engage. Please let us know if you are then able to access Cox On DEMAND content.

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    Becky, thank you for helping, that fixed the issue!  I spoke with 3 different reps from Cox and one from Tivo over the last few weeks.  The Tivo rep kept saying "you are missing codes from Cox".  The Cox phone reps must not run into this very often because they didn't know how to fix it.  They kept sending the reset command to the cable card.

    If you could let your management know that A)  You are awesome and very helpful to customers.  B)  There needs to be a little more training or an update to the standard internal docs the support reps use for troubleshooting these types of Issues.

    Thanks again


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    Hi Jason,

    I'm glad Becky was able to provide the resolution to your issue.  We appreciate your feedback and have shared it to our leadership team.