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ON and OFF will not work, unable to change sound

I'm using a cox URC-8820-noto remote. The remote will not turn the TV on or off nor will it let me control the sound, all other features on the remote seem to work well. I have changed the remote and this does not help. Cox. tech says its the TV but I question his advice.

Need Help Thanks

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    I have the same remote but not your problem.  Did this recently start happening?  Have you tried other remote codes for the make and model of your TV?  What exactly are you doing to turn your TV on and off?

  • Did this remote suddenly stop controlling the TV's power and volume? Did you have to recently swap remotes for some reason?

    The URC 8820 supports both Motorola and Cisco receivers. Be sure that you program the remote for the correct brand of your cable box (instructions are on the back of the remote.) What brand and model TV do you have?