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Older Contour box: breakdown in video pictures

In the last few days the pictures on several channels are breaking up, which also causes the sound to break up.  I have an older non DVD Contour box.  I restarted the box, which did nothing to help.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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    @Mama DuBrawl

    Make sure all ends of the coax cable is at least hand tight if there's a splitter you can try and bypass it. If still having issue after trying all email full address and the primary name of the account holder to


    Hi, can't find any problem with wiring. my email is  *******************************************************************************  [edited by Cox]

  • Hello,

    The cable box is reporting good signals and we want to send some signals to the box. This will cause a temporary loss in service. When would be a good time to do this? Also, I have edited your post to hide your personal information.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.