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Old VCR does not work with new Cox mini box

Since my old VCR no longer works with the new Cox mini box, what are my options for recording TV programs now?

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    Why does the VCR no longer work? The only difference now is that the mini-box and VCR have to be tuned to the same channel. Here's how you hook everything up:

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    To expand on what Chris posted, there is a switch on the back of the minibox (ch 3 or 4), the VCR must be set at the same channel and the minibox used to change stations.  You can no longer program future channel changes using the VCR.

    Other options include renting a DVR from Cox or a 3rd party device that supports a cable card and tuning adapter like Roku.

  • My old VCR works with the mini box..  Have Cox come out and check on the hookup.. it may just be crossed wires. !!

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    If the VCR is analog, will it still be possible to program it to record at a future date/time once hooked up with the mini box? I have asked Cox telephone tech support but keep getting different answers. Some say the VCR must have a digital tuner, others say it will be impossible no matter what.

    Thank you

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    Yes, it will work, here are the facts:

    The coax output of the minibox is analog so the VCR must have an analog tuner set to channel 3 or 4 (matching the switch on the minibox).

    You can program a recording at a future date/time, you just can't change channels.  The VCR must stay on 3/4 and the recorded channel changed via the minibox.  So, you can program it to start a recording in the future but it must be the channel the minibox is set to.

  • Hi Q5300,

    Please let us know if you are successful recording to your VCR, or if you have further questions!