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Old Sony TV Remote Codes

I have an old 10" CRT Sony TV and I can't connect the XR-11 remote to control it anymore. This DID work for a long time but the COX tech set it up when my service was installed. Therefore I know it is possible. But I lost that original XR-11 remote and I can't get the replacement to work with this old TV. The original Sony remote works fine which rules out a TV issue. I have tried all the codes in the XR-11 setup and a million others I found on the web for Sony TVs but no luck. I believe that I'm doing the setup correctly - (PressContour/Settings/ControlYourTV/PressSetupUntilGreen/EnterCode/PressVolumeToTest) Anyone have any ideas? Don't tell me to get a new TV because this old Sony is the perfect size for my garage and there are some things that CRT TV's do better than new ones - for example they continue to work forever and don't care if it's 30 degrees in the garage!  Thanks if anyone has a magic list of Sony codes - especially any COX install techs out there.

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    I seem to remember that Sony used to have the code 000 or 0000 for a long a long time. It's possible the newer remotes don't have the old standard but its worth a try.