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Object to "Boxing Promo" advertising on Cox Service Line. 401-383-2000 and connection issues!

I am a nineteen year customer of Cox Network Services. I have two issues: Promo on Help Line and Long term connection issues. 

Promo Issue:

I lost my land line service on 8/15 a day after Cox installed the new digital phone service. This required me to use my mobile phone to contact Cox Technical Support to report the outage. Where I live is in a section of Johnston that has poor cellular connection. 

I called Cox on my mobile phone, and I had to listen to a Box Match Promo before being connected to a service representative representative. This means I was using up minutes paying the mobile carrier while having to listen to the promo. I was disconnected three times (meaning I had to listen to the promo each time I attempted to get technical support. 

I think it is in disgraceful and in bad taste and that Cox should be prohibited from promoting revenue generating adds on a "Customer Service Help Line".

Connection issue:

In fairness to the Cox Inside and Outside Customer Service staff they have been very helpful. In fact Service Rep. Lucas in Wichita, Kansas took a full report of issues I was having with equipment from the pedestal on my property line to the terminal box in my house. He gave me a date and time he would call me to confirm if the repair issues had been addressed and rectified.

I can only hope that he can get the issues addressed and the repairs accomplished. These issues have been pending since December of last year.  

Cox company policies seem to be out of line. I was give a repair appointment for 8/17 around noontime (three days without phone service). No sense of urgency on the part of Cox! ! 

The outage I am experiencing is a direct result of faulty Cox equipment.   

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Posted: 4 Apr 2013
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