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One America News Network- (Ch 347) Customer requests for OANN service have been sent to COX TV since 2013. I have been a faithful COX member, TV and WEB, since the early 70"s. I joined this forum today to encourage COX TV Admin. to seriously consider adding OANN, in this era of "fake news". The current main stream news networks are not reporting, or are incorrectly reporting with their own spin and agenda. I and your customers deserve to have balanced and unbiased news from at least one honest American news network. Please advise me and this forum, as a COX TV provider, of your intentions on bringing OANN on board at this time. Your Faithfull customer.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your message on our Cox Forums. Cox strives to provide a wide variety of cable programming while trying to keep rates as low as possible. We continually evaluate new networks to determine if they would add value to our customers based on cost and bandwidth.

    On your behalf, I submitted a channel request. Weather or not the channel is considered to be included in the Cox TV lineup can depend on the demand for this channel in your area.

    Thank you for your suggestion,