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not receiving Twitter password recovery emails

on my webmail, i cannot get any password reset emails from Twitter, i get general emails and stuff but not ones for pasword reset and Twitter is telling me i need to reset my password, i added the support email to my whitelist but still nothing, i could really use some help here

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    Hi CoolSonicFan,

    Please check the following in your Webmail Settings:

    1)  Go to Block Senders and Domains and ensure that the Twitter support domain is not on the list.

    2)  Go to Message Filters and check for filters that may be blocking the Twitter support domain.  

    3)  Go to SpamBlocker Settings.  It is possible that the password reset email from Twitter is being recognized as junk.  The default setting is to "delete incoming junk mail automatically".  Please choose the 2nd or 3rd option.

    Let us know if you continue to experience the issue.