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Not receiving emails sent from to

I have been using for a couple of years now. My wife uses her email.  Suddenly on Monday (Aug 8), my wife can no longer receive emails sent to her from from my address on her. This is true if I send an email from the phone, tablet or computer (

Emails I send from an alternate gmail address are received by her. Emails I send to others from are received by them.  She receives emails from others.

Any thoughts?

Thank you


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  • Cox appears to have fixed their invalid blocking from GoDaddy as of the last hour. I modified my GoDaddy account settings back to email-forwarding to my Cox email address, waited a couple minutes for it to take hold, and then retested with an email and this time I received it via Cox email account.

    Please retest and let us know if it is working again for you.

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    Hi John

    Same thing here. The emails finally went through. Thank you to the cox team for getting this corrected.