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Not quite seeing the speeds I pay for, Ultimate Plan

EDIT: Uptime is only 19 hours btw on the modem. So errors are within the last 19 hours.

First off the typical slow speeds list:

Standard slow speed process:

  1. Test your speed on a wired connection 
    1. YES
  2. Bypass your router if possible (you may need to restart your modem for this to work) 
    1. YES
  3. Use multiple testers to get an accurate idea:
  4. What modem and/or router are you using?
    1. Arris SB6190
  5. Any way you can get us a readout of the signal levels that the modem has?
  1. (Multiple Images)
I am currently seeing around 190 during off-peak hours and around 175 during on-peak. Not a huge issue as I am still getting some decent speeds but was hoping to see closer to the 80-90% (80% would be 240 Down and 90% would be 270 Down)
Screenshot showing my current plan:

I am seeing quite a few uncorrectable errors on a few channels, mainly the 849 MHz. There is no line spliter or filter installed in the apartment unit (straight through from demark point) As this was a transfer and previously my speed were in the 80% to 90% range I don't see it being an issue with the modem itself, and as all tests were done bypassing any router or firewall. I also do not have any TV Service.

The only issue I could see would be I may not have the correct modem config file pushed to my device which I cannot check through my modem's config page (Issue was reported to Arris/Motorola, they stated cox needed to enable that on devices they do not rent out)

If my account number or any additional info is required I can be contacted via my email listed on the forum or cox account or my phone number listed on my cox account.

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    You do seem to be getting speeds more in line with the Premiere tier versus the Ultimate tier.  It's strange that you aren't getting over 200Mbps...

    One of the forum mods should be able to check to see what your modem is provisioned at (the modem config you speak of) - the error rates don't look too horrible, slightly concerning if it continues to be an issue though. 

    If you were getting about 80% to 90% or so of the 300 prior to your move, it most likely isn't an issue of the infrastructure not supporting the speed...

    This modem, if I'm not mistaken, has a small "reset" hole right above the ethernet port; press and hold that for 20-30s then release.  This should clear your modem config and force it to re-download it from Cox.

    BTW: thank you for including all the information at the beginning.  This is exactly the type of information that helps us help you.