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Not happy at all

I have had Cox since I have moved out of my parent's home in 2005, Tried to move but came right back. Every time I have an issue I try to chat but am always sent to the loyalty department. Chat seems to be useless if all they do is give a number to call. And Loyalty really doesn't treat you like they truly care about how long you have been there. I was told when I got my contract last year that HBO would be free the life of my 24 months but this month I have been hit with the $15.99/mo. not only that I have called to cancel several time and was told different things about the cost to cancel. One minute I am told it is $10/mo (12 months remaining = $120) for the remaining months of the contract and then the loyalty dept tells me it will be well over $200 to cancel. I called in like I usually do to see about getting another promotion so my bill doesn't jump and was told there is nothing that could be done, so pretty much pay the $200 and something to cancel plus the bill I owe, or simply shut up and deal with what I am being charged. This was by the same agent in the loyalty dept. I repeatedly stated I do not need the phone or tv, but still no help. Now All I want is the internet and phone which I found with AT&T will only be $60/mo plus tax, but through Cox it will be close to $120/mo which doesn't save me jack when I am or was paying $45 per month for tv phone and internet. TV you are paying for all commercials, have to subscribe to watch any good movies even with HBO there is nothing. I am disgusted in the service. My internet is always slow and frustrates me so much I hate getting on my computer. AT&T service was far better and I had no problems. Now my bill is $190.18 including the HBO that was suppose to be free and I am being told that what I have is the cheapest! Loyalty customer service not for the customers and I remember now why I cancelled the first time.

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    Hi Melious1201,

    We can look into this for you. Please email us at with you informaton.

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