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Not getting Ultimate speeds


I just got the ultimate package for 200mbps Down and 20 Up, and I am getting around 91mbps down and 22 up.

I read here, someone had the same issue, they had been put on 150 code and not 220 code. not sure what that is. but Cox changed it and it fixed their problem. I was going to call but cell is dead and my digital phone would cut out if they reset modem. So I though here might work.

Modem ARRIS TG2472 - Router is ASUS RT-AC88U.

I am using both Ethernet and wifi. any ideas?


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    One problem that stand out right away is the combination of the gateway and the router. The Arris unit is designed to replace the router you're using and there likely problems from using both. I'd start by removing the router and seeing what results you get that way.

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    Thanks ChrisL, It is the same speeds when I hook directly to the ARRIS gateway without the ASUS router. I was also able to set the ARRIS to bridged mode and it is also the same. I did not get the chance to call them today. I will tomorrow. Would be nice if it was just a simple thing at Cox.

  • I have had the Ultimate internet for over a year now in OKC OK. I average 100 to 110 MBps download speed. The sales point for this package is 300 MBps but I have NEVER been close to this. Once I accidently reached 172 MBps but COX caught it and suddenly my speeds went down. I have addressed this issue with tech support so many times, I am sick and tired of the excuses and outright lies given.

    Recently my bill has jumped $25 dollars. I looked online and the cox site will not allow me to view pricing for lower packages because I am signed into my account. 

    False promises and inaccurate pricing (they add taxes, fees and surcharges making the actual price jump by almost 15$ per month) are driving customers away. the inability to downgrade online while signed into my account is beyond stupid. 

    Cox need to realize they are not the only high speed provider in this area and yes their *** does stink. They are not giving us a gift from god and others can give us the same possibly better services without the F' you we got ya' attitude displayed through their online marketing and website.

    I am one seriously pissed off disappointed customer.

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    @Michael200 The signal for the modem appears to be in line with the tier of service however the ethernet connection currently showing in the modem's log is only showing a 10/100 Mbps connection which would limit total speeds through the wired connection, Are you aware of the model of the router you have connected to the Gateway currently?

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    @Ultimate Speed User in OKC , It appears the modem there was showing a older firmware that may have been limiting speeds to some extent, I just sent updates to it to see if it makes any difference there if you can test the speeds again.-Ed
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