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Not getting Premier speed.

Sometimes in 2013, my modem was updated and I was unable to get premier speed until someone from this forum (KipK) checked and stated there was a configuration change that needed to be made. He or she made the change and I immediately saw an improvement in my speed. 

I am in the same problem again. My modem has been charged again and still not getting the bandwidth I am paying for. Could a service tech on the forum please help me again? Thank you.

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  • Usually that would only happen if upgrading from a DOCSIS 2.0 to 3.0 modem or if your actual speed/package has changed, but that doesn't sound like the case. We can still definitely check to make sure the modem is provisioned properly. Please email our team at with your home address or account number and we can take a look. Also include a link to this post for reference.

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