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Not getting new advertised speeds?

My family and I subscribe to the "preferred" internet package from Cox and have been since it offered only up to 50Mbps Down and about 5Mbps Up with only a 300GB data cap. I discovered that at some point recently these speeds were raised to up to 100Mbps Down and 10Mbps Up along with a data cap increase to 1TB.

Before this, my speeds were capping out at around 60Mbps Down and 4Mbps Up. As of now, I am still capped at roughly 60Mbps Down but my upload speed is at 14Mbps Up. I have verified that my current hardware is capable of supporting the faster connection, the modem in particular, a Motorola Surfboard SB6120 is capable of speed up to 150Mbps. My router is an ASUS RT-N66W, capable of up to 450Mbps on a wireless connection (though this PC is wired.)

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be throttling my speeds and/or what could be done about it?

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  • Jagick,

    Are you running your speed test with a wired or a wireless connection? It's best to test speed using a wired connection, as wireless interference can vastly and inconsistently affect your results. Your upload speed is currently showing between 15 and 17 Mbps, which is good. Have you run the test from different devices? The capability of the hardware in the device you're using will also affect the outcome of your tests.
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    Yes. I am running the test wired from my main desktop. I have also tried it wirelessly from another desktop and a laptop (though both wireless tests give lower speeds as expected.) I have used both the speed check tool provided by Cox under internet options and the one at I have also already attempted testing the speed while connected directly to the modem.

    As for my main desktop, I am using an ASRock z97 Extreme6 LGA 1150 motherboard and its Intel I218V Ethernet port. It should be able to handle speeds up to and above the "Ultimate" package offered by cox.

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    Jagick, what market are you in? My market, CT, preferred is still 50/5 & I've not seen anything about a speed increase. Yes, I've seen the cap increase to 1TB but nothing about a speed increase. That would be great if it's coming.

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    @Jagick Which tier of service do you subscribe to? If you're on Preferred the speed are still 50/5. I think your area has a Preferred Plus option available which would be the 100Mbps you speak of.  Also note that you'll need a modem upgrade if you wish to upgrade to any service level above the 50/5 Preferred.