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Not being to send mail ftom Outlook program

why I can't sent mail from ouotlook , windows 10 mail, and Verison /sansung cell phone

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  • Hello,

    Are you getting any error messages when trying to send email? Also, are you able to send emails through webmail?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    My e-mail Pop and Imap setting in Outlook 2016 will not send any e-mail also.  Just started this week.  I CAN send e-mails out of Cox webmail.



  • On Dec 18 I could no longer receive cox email on any of my three Apple devices nor through my Outlook program on my PC.

    the only way I cam send and receive is to go on their new server online at my I have have talked to Cox tier 2 support multiple times and they all say that corporate support gurus are working on it. My wife uses similar devices and does not have this problem. Ten days is too long for this server issue to be down. It may be tie for a class action situation.

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    Hi Everyone, Some email settings were updated a few months back. Please make sure you are using the new port selections and authentication for both the incoming and outgoing server.

    Your Name Your Name
    Email Address
    User Name The first part of your Cox email address, without

    Note: Your user name and password are the same as the ones you use to access your email account at
    Password Email account password
    Account Type IMAP
    Incoming Mail Settings

    Server name:
    Port number: 993 with SSL enabled and the authentication box checked, if available

    Outgoing Mail Settings

    Server name:
    Check the Port number and use one of the following options listed below.

    • 587 with TLS enabled
    • 465 with SSL enabled and the authentication box checked, if available
    Use SSL / TLS

    • Yes
    • Cox user name and password required

  • This has been done numerous times . Cox has a big problem with their servers and so far have been able to fix the issue/ issues. Pathetic customer service. They should admit the problem and get all hands on deck to fix it. Why do we settle for inferior customer service and pay close to $ 200 per month for this sluggish response?..

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    You state your wife is able to send from her device. What settings do you currently have for the client and what does your wife have?