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Non Fiber speeds over 3.1?

I'll preface this with, AT&T has offered to come buy us out on our Cox account / equipment, and install FTTH for us.

But.. we like Cox. For some reason we're loyal. We recently upgraded to Gigablast in Escondido California to get away from the insane datacaps. In our home we have four content creators for Youtube and This means we consume a lot of bandwidth, and most of it is outbound. 4-6x pc pushing constantly pushing 60fps 1080p video at a bitrate of ~8k, not to mention constant downloads from gaming and video.

Fine. Super excited to get fiber / gig speeds! But there's a massive catch, that specifically effects people like us, that makes AT&Ts offer so much more alluring. Our speeds are ~950/35. 35???? We were never quoted a speed, but when you are told you're getting 'gig / fiber' speeds, you typically assume (as is common knowledge) that's a 1/1 connection. 1000/1000, not 1000/35. 

This is separate from the fact that our connection has been consistently spotty since we started going in and out, throwing our streams off causing actual financial issues.

I spoke to two reps on the phone who said 'nooo wayy you' should be getting 1000/1000 you need a new modem'. Drive to the store. They tell me there 'yeah 1000/1000' who was the tech that installed your modem?'. I figured it was an error so Cox sends another tech out. He's completely clueless and just does some tests and says 'it just doesn't go past 35 sorry'. He calls his manager on speaker phone who then proceeds to say 'wtf are they doing? 35 up is fast and strong! We never claimed anything otherwise. They have to deal with it'.

Cox... Come on. What a serious let down. We get the most laughable looking connection at 1000/35, and our connection is constantly spotty right around 8pm every night. This is after having two new taps installed mind you, in a brand new development. Brand new homes. 

It all boiled down there not being fiber from the dmarc to the modem. Cox. I want fiber from my demarcation point to my modem, and to get the speeds we need. The Cox contractor said we'd have to hire someone privately to run that fiber line for ~$500. No. Not after having my rates raised for so many years, after having our connections dropped, lost, and tossed around on the phone for hours at a time to have my router reset a million times.

AT&T offered to come handle this for us, and give us the speeds we want, citing Cox's contractor model being the issue with allowing people to do  that work, and even offered to do it free for the rest of the houses in our new development if everyone wanted real fiber.

Cox. Will you come do this for us? From what I know it's a simple job. Can you send someone out to correct this, or are myself, and my HOA switching our neighborhood to AT&T in the next month? Help us stay loyal in the midst of these data caps and rate hikes, do the right thing, run that *** cable and give us the speed we need and will utilize.

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    Hello 0x29a,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Forums Support team. We can take a look at the line replacement. Please send your full name, address, and this forum thread to We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks
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    I'm in Phoenix and a year ago I saw a YouTube review of gigablast showed a guy who had a fiber connection and a media converter on his wall which converted the fiber to Ethernet he got 1G down 1G up. I was so envious of that guy my employer pays $1000's a month for a business class 1G internet connection for only $20 more then my 300 meg this guy was getting the same speeds. I know not really getting the same thing but speed wise he was.  I have been waiting about 3 months ago they started trenching the streets replacing the nodes in my neighborhood my neighbor said were getting gigablast they moved up the street now I when I go to upgrade I see gigablast is now an upgrade. I go to upgrade and it says one gigabit down 35 Meg up right away I see a note that you need a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and I know it's not fiber. I suspected a couple of reasons for this one you can't offer everyone that much speed their system can only handle so much, and second reason Google fiber has pulled out of our area that was the major reason Cox started also offering fiber. Now that google fiber isn't going to happen in Phoenix I'm guessing cox also decided no reason now to install fiber to your home. I have a support number for Cox gigablast you can call them I'm going to in the morning 844-260-0419 see if fiber is ever going to be an option or if that option is done.