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Add my voice to the chorus. Nomorobo should be available for Cox VOIP calling. It's cheap and easy. Why wouldn't they?

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    Cox has been asked this for years and does nothing.  They say they hear their customers, really..  I am moving to Vonage as soon as my contract is done.

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    going to verizon for  nomorrobo cox don't care i get 10 calls a day  drop cox they are no help . can only block 30 phone numbers stupid make it unlimited stupid cox

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    A reply from Cox would be most appreciative.  I saw a forum dated 3 years ago that addressed this issue.  A few Cox employees stated they would look into why residential customer could not sign up for this service.  These calls are getting ridiculous!!!!

  • Cox does not currently offer Simultaneous Ring which is required for Nomorobo to work. We are looking at call-blocking technology options and working to enhance residential phone features. We hope to know more in the near future.

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    I've been waiting for some kind of caller blocking for years.  I work from home and get these annoying robocalls all day long. Even worse are the ones who disguise their numbers as people or business numbers in my area.  

    Cox please add a blocking feature for these annoying calls!  

  • Hello Ipd,

    While Cox does not currently offer Simultaneous Ring which is required for Nomorobo to function. Cox customers have several other options available to help block unwanted calls., Anonymous Call Rejection, Selective Call Rejection, and Selective Call Acceptance are among the available options to subscribe to blocking calls. is a link to our website on the available call blocking options. I will also share your suggestion for feedback.

  • We are all sick and tired of Cox's copied and pasted answers.  Lately I have been getting several calls from various numbers with the same recorded bimbo offering a 'free' cruise.  Can't dial though the IVR, it is just waiting for a "yes" response.  All have been coming from the same area code and office code (623-594).  My Panasonic phone can block those area and office codes, but then no legitimate calls could come through.  Cox's lack of attention to the hundreds of complaints about your not providing NOMOROBO capabilities is not acceptable.  I bailed on you a few years ago to go to Magic Jack, but my wife wanted more call features so we came back with a new number.  Now the scammers are calling our new number, daily, new numbers, same office and area codes.  

    I will be firing Direct TV in November, and firing Cox phone service at the same time.  The only thing it seems you can provide acceptable service on is internet.  I'll save a ton of bucks.

    Don't bother replying with your plastic answers, we all have heard them all, and are sick of them.

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    Add me to the list of folks who are angry about this. My senior mom is being inundated by spam calls and con men

    trying to take her for $. I use nomorobo on my own phone (obviously with a different carrier) and

     it works like a charm. Why can't Cox get with the times?

  • I'm confident that word of our concerns will be forwarded to the fabled product development team who will get right on it as soon as they get through the traffic jam on the unicorn-only lane and arrive at their double secret engineering and testing laboratory on the outskirts of Narnia.