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No TV Listings on website

There are no TV Listings shown past 8:00 PM for Wednesday, April 26 on the TV Tools/Check TV Listings online. It says "Data Not Available". Also, starting Thursday, April 27, it says "We're sorry, we can't find this part of the page right now". I am in the Roanoke area, but I tried viewing TV listings from other areas and still get the same messages. I have checked on this every day since Friday and still see the same message today. Are the TV Listings going to be updated?

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    The Cox websites have been wonky lately.  For TV listings, I'd use TV Guide at

    It's faster!

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    Now, for the wonkiness.  The Join the Discussion link stopped working.  When I click Join the Discussion and enter my credentials, I get a web service error.  I can only log-in via my Cox account, which has the same credentials.

    Not a big deal, but using the Join the Discussion link is faster.  When I log in with my Cox account, I have to click 5 links to get to the Forum...and then find the discussion again.

  • Hi Icarus,

    I've replicated the issue you reported with the TV Listings. I'm not seeing data past 8PM Wednesday, April 26th, either. I've reported this to our web development team so we can get it resolved.

    Bruce, we've also replicated the "web service error" when trying to log into Forums using the Join the Discussion link. Our Forums Technology folks are now investigating. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Hi Bruce,

    The "Join the Discussion" link appears to be working now. Please let me know if you have any further difficulties.


  • Icarus,

    Thanks for confirming you can view the TV Listings information.