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No Stop Button?

Just had the Contour 2 installed two days ago and there are a few things I hate about it. Most important to me: Why is there no "Stop" button to stop a recording in progress? The only way I see to do this is to click "Contour", then "Saved", then "Scheduled", then scroll down to the show, then over to the "X", where I have to confirm. And for some reason, sometimes I don't even have the option to just cancel recording; I have no option but to delete it. If it's something I want to keep, I have to then retrieve it. So much navigating for the simplest processes. This is the first time I've ever seen a device that has a "Record" button and no "Stop". Am I missing a simpler way? I've read all the guides and can't find it. (I'll save the other issues for anther post.) Thanks for any help.

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    Hi gisybis,

    At this time, there is not a Stop button on the remote to the Contour 2. You can press the Guide button and with the recording program selected, if you press Info, a list of Options will appear at the bottom. From there you will see the option to Cancel the recording or Delete it. If the program has already been previously recorded, then the option to Cancel will not be available. You can only Delete the recording.