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No sound on local NBC station.

Im having a problem with sound on our local channel 7/NBC, No sound,On our local channel 8/ CBS the goes off during commercials and comes back on after the commercial is over. On our Encore Stations have of them are coming in Spanish language. My other TVs and boxes don't have this problem.

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    Sounds like you have SAP set on the box giving you problems. Try turning SAP off.

  • Hi Spaceman,

    The steps to access the SAP settings depend on the cable receiver model you have. If you press the Settings button on your remote control and the Quick Settings menu opens, use the arrow buttons to scroll up or down to the Play Secondary Audio option. Press the SELECT button to turn OFF Secondary Audio.

    For Contour receivers, press the Settings button on your remote control and use the arrow buttons to highlight and SELECT the Audio & Video menu. Highlight and SELECT the Audio Settings option, and then SELECT the Audio Language option. Make sure the Primary option (rather than the option for Alternate/SAP) is set.

    For Contour 2 receivers, you can enable or disable SAP using the shortcut on your receiver using the shortcut menu. While watching live TV, press the down arrow button your remote control. The Closed Captioning and SAP shortcut menu displays at the bottom of the screen. Using the up and down arrows, highlight the SAP option. Press the Select button to either turn the feature on or off.

    Please let us know if these steps help you to return your audio to normal on all channels.