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No sound on Certain Channels

Today for some unknown reason certain channels have no sound ( COX, Baton Rouge, LA).  the channels are 3, 7, 42, 80, 113,140, 157, 274,  & 947.  Partial sound (i.e, sound just from 1 speaker on a 2 speaker TV. These channels are 107, 946.

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  • Hello,

    Is this happening with multiple TV's, or just one? What kind of cables are going from the box to the TV?

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    I am experiencing the same issue in Norman OK on multiple tv's in different residences... channel 9 and 44 ... one reply from this forum by COX representative suggested going into settings ... if SAP was on to disable or to turn it off.. on one of the residences tv's as soon as i hit the settings button there was a question that SAP was on do I want to turn it off .. as soon as I selected yes sound came back on ... on another residences tv a HIsense wall mount.. there is no SAP setting that I can find and still having the no sound issue.. try the SAP setting to off if you can find such a setting